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It’s the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for… STARRY STARRY NIGHT is back! Along with 5 other best-selling essie shades from the past 35 years, but let’s be honest SSN is the star of this collection (no pun intended). Honestly, who can blame us?! This shade has been lusted over ever since its release in 1985 (1997?) and has even been listed for over $700.00 on eBay!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 7.59.29 AM 2

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 7.59.29 AMAs you all know, I am completely and utterly OBSESSED with all things essie. 🙂 I just can’t help it… That’s why it pains me to say that this collection was met with mixed reviews. I mean, besides the fact that ‘starry starry night’ is finally back (for a limited time), most of the other shades are a bit too sheer. I guess that makes sense since they were best sellers in the past 35 years and trends are continuously changing! That being said, I still have SO much #essielove for this collection!! The concept of Retro Revival alone is mind-blowing. Between #essiebringback and this, it’s so cool to see a brand really listen to their fans and follow through.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 7.59.38 AM

Let’s take a look below, so you can judge for yourselves:

RR swatches

“Here comes the life of the party, in a cocktail dress topped with a sequin sash for a touch of Vegas glamour. No doubt half the room is imagining her in her birthday suit – it’s not called The Strip for nothing. Anything goes in this town. Look over there: an “it” girl in a bikini with a martini is flirting with a hunky cabana boy. essie’s advice? Sit back and take in the celeb action from your corner table, this is one heck of a starry starry night.”

life of the party swatch

‘life of the party’ I have no complaints about this formula or shade, this “pinot noir pearl” really delivers in the sense of having pearl accents and applies evenly with two thin coats.

SSN swatch

‘starry starry night’ This was the first shade I tried (obviously) and it did not disappoint. Sheer midnight blue with tiny bits of silver sparkled embedded throughout. It’s not hard to see that this shade is mesmerizing. Like, can’t-stop-looking-at-your-nails mesmerizing. I may have to stock up on this one…

bikini with a martini swatch

‘bikini with a martini’ Ok. Not for me. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the polish but frosted iridesent pink? Just not my style. That being said, if you layer on three coats of this shade it actually turns into a somewhat charming hue. Ok… maybe I like it a little. 🙂

sequin sash swatch

‘sequin sash’ Sheer glittery bronze. Although this one was born in 2005, it feel straight out of the 80’s. Unfortunately this is everything I do not like bundled into one nail polish. This took two thin coats.

birthday suit swatch

‘birthday suit’ LOVE this shade. The perfect delicate cheeky nude! I will definitely be wearing this again. This applied flawlessly in three thin coats!

cabana boy swatch

‘cabana boy’ Ultra-cool pearly white. Sounds like something your Grandma would wear, right? Wrong. This shade really stole my heart, and I’ve gotten so many compliments while wearing! The formula is amazing, too. You can wear one even coat, or layer it on for a more enticing look.

My picks? ‘starry starry night’, ‘birthday suit’ and ‘cabana boy’. Now that you’ve seen them all, what do you think of Retro Revival? … and how stoked are you that SSN is back?! Let me know!

Retro Revival will be launching in beauty salons, drugstores, and other beauty destinations across Canada and the US on January 5, 2016. Don’t forget to pre-order on Amazon, I have a feeling that these shades won’t last long on shelves. 😉

Which are you most excited for? (I’ll take a guess…)

♡ Lauren
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Hi lovelies!


The holidays are right around the corner so I figured what better time to try out the nail stamping trend! It’s quick, easy and leaves you with flawless nail art.

image1 copy

One of the best parts of nail stamping is that you don’t have to be good at nail art or have a steady hand! You can mix and match any shade that you like, add glitter, an accent nail, you name it – it’s all about letting your creative side show…

Keep in mind that I usually free hand my nail art so this is new for me, but I’ve become curious seeing the increasing amount of nail stamping that has taken over social media as of late.

Honestly, nail stamping kits are extremely hard to find in store, and usually when you order online you end up paying three times the amount in shipping and handling as they usually come from other countries (and take forever to arrive). Needless to say, I was super happy when I found out that Trade Secrets started carrying MoYou London! The MoYou London kits are priced at CAD $29.95 (they include a plate, polish and a separate bag with a squishy stamp and scraper) while single plates are priced at CAD $13.95. The stamp and scraper alone cost about CAD $16.95, while polishes vary from CAD $9.95 to CAD $19.95.  MoYou London is currently sold exclusively at Trade Secrets in Canada. I was lucky enough to receive the Holy Shapes starter kit, and The Pro stencil to get me started, but I also picked up the Festive stencil and starter kit because, well, it’s that time of the year and I couldn’t resist!

I’ll get right into my easy 5-steps to achieving flawless nail art using one of the designs in the Festive starter kit:

  1. Start with a base colour of your choice, I used OPI Love Is In The Cards as mine
  2. Fill in the section/design that you’d like to use in the stamping plate with your second shade, I used MoYou White Knight as mine
  3. Take your stamper and quickly roll it over the wet polish on the plate
  4. Transfer and roll onto your nail, again in a quick manner
  5. Clean up excess polish and seal in with a top coat



If you’re into nail stamping or simply curious be sure to check out Trade Secrets (@tradesecretsca) for more information, as I mentioned before they are the only retailer in Canada that carries MoYou London. Fun fact: Trade Secrets is where I buy all of my nail polish, they always have really great deals and are usually the first to carry new collections! They will also be coming out with 6-9 new kits in the new year.

I am also doing a giveaway until December 16, 2015, see my Instagram for a chance to win your very own MoYou London ‘Festive’ Starter Kit! It’s perfect for the holidays- I can’t wait to see all of your designs! * GIVEAWAY CLOSED *

Happy Stamping! 🙂

♡ Lauren
*Post kindly sponsored by TRADE SECRETS. All opinions are always my own.*

I completely missed out on buying this advent calendar last year, so when I had the opportunity to pre-order this years, I totally went for it!


“The Holidays are all about creating special moment, whether it’s a family dinner or some much needed solo time after a day of shopping. Create a special moment every day with a new tea to explore.”

This advent calendar is a tea lovers dream! Each day you’ll open a cute miniature gold tin filled to the brim with tea. I’ve noticed they included their entire 2015 Winter Collection as well as traditional holiday favourites! Oddly enough there are some iced teas mixed in…?

This advent calendar retails for $40 in Canada, and you can follow this link to find out which tea is revealed each and every day until December 24th.

Check out more products from DAVIDsTEA at | IG: @davidstea | T: @davidstea

Do you prefer the traditional chocolate advent calendar? Or do you love all of the new, modern and exciting ones?!

♡ Lauren

OPI Starlight Holiday 2015 Collection swatches and review! This collection is Limited Edition for the Holidays. Whether you love a bold metallic with glitter or a traditional red this collection is sure to please!


Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

Love is in My Cards

Love Is In My Cards | “This warm, romantic red is destined for me.” Your typical holiday red. Reds are tricky because if you happen to have any spill on to your cuticle it’s game over. This one stayed in the lines and with two coats you have an opaque cherry red.

Ro-man-ce on the Moon

Ro-Man-Ce On The Moon | “Rendezvous in the glow of this lustrous, rich red.” Shimmery and red, very festive! This would look nice mattified.

Guys & Galaxies

Guys & Galaxies | “This maroon beauty makes my world go ‘round.” I was actually surprised how opaque this was with one coat! Usually deep maroons apply sheer and you have to build them up, this took two THIN coats. 

I'm In the Moon For Love

I’m In The Moon For Love | “Simply because I’m wearing this plum.” Cute and festive. This applied well with two thin coats.

Cosmo with a Twist

Cosmo With A Twist | “Subtle sparkle adds depth to this purple.” My type of shade! Deep purple with almost iridescent shimmer throughout. LOVE.

Give Me Space

Give Me Space | “Night-sky blue with room to sparkle.”  I know. We all thought this would be a dupe for essie’s SSN. It’s not. It is, however, gorgeous on it’s own! Love it. 🙂

Comet Closer

Comet Closer | “May I take this warm, textured gold?” It’s very pretty, but I feel like I’ve seen this one before.

Is This Star Taken?

Is This Star Taken? | “Iridescent icicles fly in this smooth gold.” I can see where OPI was trying to go with this one, and to be fair in the bottle it looks GORGEOUS! However, it becomes a little clumpy when applied (I don’t mind as I like textured manis) and you definitely have to wait for it to dry between coats! 

I Drive a Supernova

I Drive A Supernova | “Hitch a ride on this lustrous sterling silver.” Okay, silver polish. No complaints but we’ve all seen this shade before!

By the light of the Moon

By The Light Of The Moon | “Silvery and sparkly…prepare to swoon” I really wanted to like this polish, because it looked so pretty in the bottle. BUT, once applied it globbed up and the sparkles disappeared. *Sad face* what you end up getting is a texturized metallic finish, where the sparkles are overwhelmed by polish.

Super Star Status

Super Star Status | “A spotlight-stealing silver and gold glitter.” Silver AND gold sparkles mixed into one polish, what more could you want for the holidays? …and this is one coat!

Center of the You-niverse

Center Of The You-Niverse | “Endless space black shimmer.” I feel like I’ve seen this before, but it’s still pretty. Application took a few coats for this one to even out.

Ce-less-tial is More

Ce-Less-Tial Is More | “This pink super-glitter shines with heavenly light.” I LOVE THIS SHADE. I seriously can’t stop staring at my nails when I’m wearing it. Smooth application, texturized finish and lots going on! Did I mention there are holographic sparkles throughout?! (It also applies as a OCW) YES OPI.

Let Your Love Shine

Let Your Love Shine | “Show it off in shimmery, red splendor!” I’m not usually a fan of red shimmery shades but this one is deep enough that it is passable in my books. Even application (which can be hard with shimmer). No complaints.

No More Mr. Night Sky

No More Mr. Night Sky | “An assertive, dark, shimmery gray” I’m definitely picking up some purple undertones, and I’m liking it… It’s borderline holographic. Very dark-but-festive.

Press * For Silver

Press * For Silver | “This warm, rosy silver really calls to me” The application for this one was flawless, which is rare for a metallic. LOVE.

Two Wrongs don't make a Meteorite

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Meteorite | “Pink confetti and glitter” This and Infrared-Y To Glow (see below) are too similar for my liking, yet I still like them both. The perfect amount of chunky glitter that can be layered or worn alone.

Infrared-Y to Glow

Infrared-Y To Glow | “Strike up the glam with red confetti and glitter” I kind of like this one by itself and it’s definitely build-able (you can layer over a different shade)!

My tips & tricks: For METALLIC shades, I like to use a ridge filling base as it helps even out the application, and we all know how streaky metallic finishes can be! For GLITTER based shades, I like to use OPI Glitter Off as a base coat- this way you can simply peel them off once you’re ready to change polish. No more struggling with nail polish remover to remove those stubborn sparkles. 🙂

OPI-Starlight-Collection-2015Starlight 3Starlight 2Starlight 1

OPI Starlight is available now in select stores and Beauty destinations worldwide. Oh, and guess what!? It’s available in GelColor, too!

So now that you’ve seen them all, which is your favourite shade from this collection!?

♡ Lauren


essie ‘stylenomics’ topped with ‘matte about you’ top coat

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed that I am going through a matte phase lately! I mean, who doesn’t love mattified nails?! The only downside is that they tend to chip very easily and lose their matte texture. A lot of you have been asking how I make my matte nails last so I decided to make a post about it!


essie ‘berry naughty’ topped with ‘matte about you’ top coat

Here are my tips and tricks for long-lasting matte nails:

  1. Apply a ridge-filling base coat
  2. Apply two coats of colour
  3. Seal with a thick top coat
  4. Once dry, apply ‘matte about you’ top coat
  5. Enjoy long-lasting, flawless matte nails!

This also applies when using matte top coats over regular polish- I find that sealing in the polish with a good quality thick top coat and then applying your matte top coat really keeps them long-lasting! It also helps create a smooth and seamless base for your matte top coat to glide over. Matte top coats alone can be really tricky and they tend to chip fast! Also, make sure you cover the whole nail because if you miss even the smallest spot it will shine bright!

Will you be trying matte nails for your next manicure?

♡ Lauren