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Hi everyone, today I’ll be sharing all of the #essielook’s from Toronto Women’s Fashion Week fall/winter 2017!

Being backstage at Fashion Week is always hectic but it’s truly incredible to be able to see how all of the beauty looks come together before watching them come to life on the runway. This season, essie Canada‘s lead nail artist, Rita Remark, created six designs for Toronto Women’s Fashion Week (I was lucky enough to work on her team for two shows; Rachel Sin and KQK)!

“For the past few seasons, fall/winter has been random,” says Rita Remark, essie’s global lead educator and nail artist. “I was telling people to wear white and glitter shades. This season, however, we are back to working with very traditional, quintessential fall/winter shades like deep red and dark charcoal, mixed in with metallic accents.” 

Check out the six looks designed by Rita and how to re-create them below:

Rachel Sin

The #essielook at RACHEL SIN | Image by: essie 

Inspiration: “Imagine yourself ballroom dancing, as the movement of your skirt flows with every twirl. The chevron design was used to mimic the neckline of a traditional ballet wrap bodysuit, while the soft palette was the perfect pairing to the muted colours of Rachel Sin’s FW17 collection.

“It’s a negative space at its most demure”, says Rita Remark, essie Global Lead Educator and Lead Nail Artist for essie Canada.” – essie

Nails by me backstage at Rachel Sin

How to get the look: Apply ‘topless and barefoot’, leaving a negative space chevron near the cuticle. Take a striping brush, and trace the line of the chevron, letting one of the lines extend to the tip of the nail using ‘between the seats’. Finish with a coat of ‘matte about you’.

Evan Biddell

The #essielook at EVAN BIDDELL | Image by: essie

Inspiration: “The Evan Biddell collection was inspired by the idea that old is new again. The entire collection was produced from second hand clothing, using surrealist elements and encouraging the viewer to see clothing in a new, refreshing light.

“I wanted take this idea of surrealism and apply it to the nails, using a a glossy black polish as the base and applying a thin line of gold to resemble a cat’s eye”, says Rita Remark, essie Global Lead Educator and Lead Nail Artist for essie Canada.” – essie

How to get the look: Apply two coats of ‘licorice’. Next, draw a line from the cuticle to the end of the nail with ‘good as gold’ using a striping brush. Seal in with ‘good to go’ for an extra glossy finish.


The #essielook at ROCH | Image by: essie

Inspiration: “The latest collection from ROCH encompasses the idea that fearless women are both beautiful and threatening. This was inspired by the Valkyrie of Norse mythology, where the fallen angels sent to battlefield, choose who shall live or die. Rita Remark, essie Global Lead Educator and Lead Nail Artist for essie Canada, created a negative space nail art look with a sharp polished arrow on top of a clean bare nail.

“I wanted to create a minimal but bold and striking look”, says Rita.” – essie

How to get the look: Using ‘licorice’, start at the cuticle and meet at the end of the nail making a negative space diamond point. Finish with ‘good to go’.

Stephan Caras

The #essielook at STEPHAN CARAS | Image by: essie

Inspiration: “Stephan Caras Fall/Winter 2017 collection was inspired by an opulent garden party that goes from day to night. This play on lights and darks allowed Rita to mirror the deep burgundy reds and golds from the collection in the nail design.

“I was able to create rich looking nails that give just a peek of negative space at the cuticle”, says Rita Remark, essie Global Lead Educator and Lead Nail Artist for essie Canada.” – essie

How to get the look: Apply ‘wicked’, stopping mid-nail leaving a negative space near your cuticle. Using a striping brush and ‘good as gold’ trace the border separating the bare and polished space. Finish with ‘good to go’ for high shine.


The #essielook at KQK | Image by: essie

Inspiration: “Sophistication and street wear sensibility is what the KQK Fall/Winter 2017 collection captures for the woman that embodies both styles. Rita Remark, essie Global Lead Educator and Lead Nail Artist for essie Canada, designed a nail look to capture this juxtaposition of classic and edgy using a cherry red that fades seamlessly into a deep, blackened burgundy.

“Using the classic ombre design was the perfect way to create this fierce and commanding look”, says Rita Remark.” – essie

Nails by me backstage at KQK

How to get the look: Apply a thin layer of ‘a-list’ to all nails and let dry. Next, blend ‘a-list’ and ‘wicked’ on a cosmetic wedge sponge and stamp it onto the nail, repeating until desired opacity. Seal everything with ‘good to go’ to really “melt” the two shades together.

TIP: Use a latex barrier and a brush dipped in acetone to clean up around the nails.


The #essielook at HENDRIXROE | Image by: essie

Inspiration: “Think of a tough, pink rock girlfriend or a sullen glam rock band to envision the latest collection from Hendrixroe. With this in mind, Rita created a heavy metal inspired nail art look to complement the collection.

“The design is meant to look like silver studs on a worn dark leather jacket”, says Rita Remark, essie Global Lead Educator and Lead Nail Artist for essie Canada.” – essie

How to get the look: Apply two coats of ‘smokin’ hot’. Using a dotting tool (or bobby pin), place four small, even dots at the base of each nail with ‘no place like chrome’. On the right index finger and the left thumb nail, extend these dots all the way to the tip.


The essie Canada team at Toronto Women’s Fashion Week fall/winter 2017 | Photo by: @annielamstyling

I had SO much fun working backstage with Rita Remark and the rest of the essie Canada team backstage this season! It was such a surreal, cool experience to actually be able to paint nails backstage. Although I was super nervous at first it ended up being one of the most amazing things and I’m glad I pushed myself to do it – thanks essie! 🙂

Will you be re-creating any of these looks? For more information on all things essie, be sure to check out

♡ Lauren

Hello essie lovers! I know it’s been a while but I’m back! Again, a little bit on why I’ve been so MIA the past couple of months: my fiancé and I bought our very first house (that we are completely re-modelling) and we are also getting married this October!! So obviously this collection is very special to me – I always wondered what the essie bridal shades would be the year that I got married and now I finally know! I also love how they’re more “fall” appropriate shades (although I’m a firm believer that you can wear any shade, any season) – it’s as if essie and I are always on the same track. 😉

This year essie’s bridal collection comes in gel couture form and it’s also in collaboration with designer Monique Lhuillier! Besides being very special to me for personal reasons, this collection is essie’s first ever bridal designer collaboration… pretty exciting! Let’s find out a little bit more about the collection before we dive into swatching:

“From the moment a woman lays her eyes on her engagement ring, her manicure becomes the centerpiece of countless photos, special wedding moments. to help ensure she has a picture perfect manicure for every occasion along the way, essie is thrilled to introduce the new, limited edition essie gel coutureTM bridal collection by Monique Lhuillier. Monique Lhuillier, acclaimed couture bridal designer, has collaborated with essie to create the modern bride’s “something new” in six feminine and romantic longwear shades—ranging from traditional pinks and sheers to the more daring berry reds and soft sage crèmes. dreaming up a vision of romantic femininity, the essie gel couture™ bridal collection by Monique Lhuillier features the designer’s signature blush pink colour and incorporates elements of her favorite laces, bridal bouquets and whimsical aesthetic. “I was so happy to partner with essie for the gel couture bridal collection,” says Monique Lhuillier. “I created shades that fit every bride, perfectly complementing their dress and beauty. On my wedding day, that meant a traditional soft pink based manicure to complement the intricate detailing on the bodice and skirt of my dress. For some brides, that means a pop of berry red or metallic gold to balance a simple, elegant silhouette. This collection has something for every bride, bringing that ‘perfect fit’ feeling right down to her fingertips.” Lhuillier’s approach to couture bridal designs ensures her brides feel beautiful and glamorous. the designer incorporates luxurious fabrics and silhouettes to flatter a woman’s body with the perfect fit, paying close attention to every detail. this same attention to detail is intrinsic to the essie gel coutureTM bridal collection, offering an assortment of lust-worthy couture colours and top coat that perfectly apply to the nail in just two easy steps.”

“Experience bridal couture like never before. with every blush-worthy detail crafted to perfection you will instantly understand why dress is more. designed for you by Monique Lhuillier to fall berry in love, each bridal creation is a masterpiece full of elegance and flare that you will want to have & to gold. so before you sage you love me and lace to the altar, let’s enter our world of couture and get ready for your big day.”

‘lace to the alter’ “whether you walk, run or sashay down the aisle, you’ll love getting caught up in the rush of this soft elegant ivory sheer accented with iridescent pearls.” Okay a sparkly shade that becomes opaque with two coats?! This *might* be my favourite out of the whole collection!! Not only is ‘lace to the alter’ stunning on it’s own, it looks equally as nice (if not better!) layered over other shades.

‘dress is more’ “keep it simple? not this bride-to-be. in this sheer creamy white that’s dusted with pink, more is more when it comes to wedding nails.” This is definitely a classic bridal shade (not meant to be fully opaque), shown here is two coats. ‘dress is more’ is a soft sheer neutral perfect for any bridal season.

‘blush worthy’ “big day, fab dress, and this feminine peony pink speckled with gold – it’s blushing perfection for bridal nails, before you say “I do.”” Ahhh. This. Is. Gorgeous. ‘blush worthy’ reminds me of a blush toned jelly polish with fairy dust sprinkled throughout! SO elegant! I applied two coats here.

‘sage you love me’ “shout it from the rooftops: this soft dusty gray with a kiss of green undertones is the perfect match to your wedding bouquet.” This truly is a gorgeous sage shade, and the formula is perfectly opaque and even with two coats.

‘to have & to gold’ “love at first sight! from your wedding day forward, this chic vintage rose gold is yours for keeps.” LOVE. What a goregous rose-gold! It’s like ‘penny talk’ but amplified! Although it looked great with two coats I applied three for more impact.

‘berry in love’ “over the moon for the honeymoon? this deep, dazzling plum red makes sweet hearts beat even faster.” One of the things I love most about this shade is that it applied so evenly, which is usually rare for deep berry toned shades. Shown here is two coats.

What do we think?! Do we love? Do we have a favourite? Personally, my favourite’s are ‘lace to the alter’ and ‘blush-worthy’. Oh and I need your help! Should I choose one of these shades for my bridal manicure or go with another essie bridal (or core) shade? Please let me know in the comments below!! (My theme is blush & burgundy and there are pops of sage in my bouquet, my wedding is in the fall – October 1st)

The essie gel couture Bridal 2017 collection will be available at salons and beauty retailers worldwide starting April 18, 2017 for $13.99 each. To see swatches of the Resort 2017 collection (out March 21st worldwide), click here. For more information on all things essie related please visit

♡ Lauren

Hello essie lovers! I have a special post to share with you today, not only do I have swatches of the new Resort 2017 collection I am also going to share a few highlights from my interview with Rebecca Minkoff!

Rebecca Minkoff is a fashion designer and all around girl boss who joined essie as their Global Colour Designer in 2015. They have actually been partnering together at fashion week since 2011 so it was a natural fit. Why are Rebecca and essie so perfect for each other? It’s simple, really, women come to both brands for their ability to predict trends, fashion authority and most importantly colour, colour, colour! I’ve always thought of essie as a luxurious yet affordable brand for nails and Rebecca’s style perfectly embodies that while bringing a fashionable, fun approach to each seasons must-have colours. You all know that I’ve been obsessed with essie ever since I can remember, but I have to admit that I’ve been even more excited for each collection ever since Rebecca joined their team!

Rebecca gets most of her inspiration for the seasonal collections from places she’s travelled, women she’s met and most importantly colour! She describes the inspiration behind the resort collection as a fantasy destination (this years inspiration is Italy’s Amalfi Coast). Think of a place you have been dreaming of travelling to – from the textures to the colours, food and landscapes your entire travel fantasy is translated into four gorgeous, must-have shades!

As for her favourite essie shade of all time? It’s obviously way too hard to choose just one but right now she likes to mix ‘licorice’, with ‘bordeaux’ or ‘after school boy blazer’ to create a deepened, extra-dark custom shade. Of course ‘flowerista’ will always have a special place in her heart as it was the first shade she ever created with essie. As for her current most desired shade? ‘backseat besties’ from the Spring 2017 collection, a creamy millennial pink (which is totally having a moment right now, by the way).

I also got the scoop on some lust-worthy up-coming collections but unfortunately I have to stay tight-lipped for now! Trust me you guys are going to LOVE what essie and Rebecca have in store for 2017!

Check out the Resort 2017 collection swatches below:

‘resort romanza’ a bright, optimistic red

‘strike a pose-itano’ a calm aqua blue

‘ciao effect’ a lavender purple with a pretty blue undertone

‘sorrento yourself’ a neutral earthy brown with hints of red

“These four new essie Resort 2017 shades set the mood for a getaway season filled with authentic linen moda, sleek sunglasses, and embellished sandals. Punch up the look and create classic beauty with camellia crimson, go fashion forward with a striking rose-tinged terracotta, flirt with a kiss of lilac, or just dive in with aquamarine blue. There’s a little bit of Italian coastal flare for everyone in this perfectly edited assortment.” – essie Canada press release

Once again I really enjoyed each shade in this collection – the formulas were consistent, easy two-coat cremes. I just LOVE ‘resort romanza’ and ‘sorrento yourself’ (Rebecca’s favourite from Resort!), which shade is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

The essie Resort 2017 collection will be available at beauty retailers and salons worldwide starting March 21, 2017 for $9.99 each. To see swatches of the Spring 2017 collection, which was also designed by Rebecca Minkoff click here. For more information about Rebecca Minkoff, visit, for all things essie related please visit

♡ Lauren

Hi my loves! Can you believe it will be February 1st tomorrow? I’m freaking out a little bit… I feel like January just flew by and now Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Valentine’s Day is especially special to me as it marks my fiancé and I’s six year anniversary (lots of exciting stuff to look forward to this year) so I’m very excited.

Today I want to share some of my favourite Valentine’s nail designs with you all, using polishes from Trade Secrets (they’re having a HUGE nail polish sale right now!!). You guys continuously ask where I find/buy my nail polishes (when I don’t receive samples from companies) and it’s always Trade Secrets. I have yet to find another company with better prices, promotions and selection (both online and in store).

For these looks, I wanted to mix traditional V-Day nail art with a trendier touch, because whether you’re celebrating with your girlfriends or your significant other, cute nails are a MUST! Check out some of my current favourites below:

Wire Work ‘LOVE’ Nails

First there was the shattered glass manicure and now there’s wire work nails! Inspired by nail genius Eun Kyung Park, I used thin rose-gold wire to create this flirty wire look for Valentine’s Day. While you can opt for a clear base I paired mine with essie’s ‘blanc’ for a softer look.

Wearable Glitter Cuticle

Glitter cuticles are also having their moment but when I first posted about it a lot of you were wondering how long the glitter would actually last on your skin. To answer your question, not long at all! So I decided to create a wearable ruffian glitter “cuticle” nail look using essie’s ‘french affair’ & ‘bikini so teeny’.

Soft Kisses

Have you guys tried essie’s TLC line yet? They’re amazing for faking a perfect negative space base. I used essie TLC ‘sheers to you’ and ‘lovie dovie’ for the kisses giving the illusion of soft pink lip gloss.

A Touch Of Chrome

Sometimes understated is the way to go! Get this soft, girly look using ‘lace me up’ from essie’s Gel Couture Ballet Nudes collection and chrome striping tape. I’ve heard a lot of you are having trouble getting your hands on the Ballet Nudes collection and they’re available right now in store at Trade Secrets.

XOXO Nails

Nothing says Valentine’s Day more than bold red nails. Re-create these fun, flirty XO nails using essie Gel Couture shade ‘rock the runway’ and ‘no place like chrome’.

Until February 24 Trade Secrets is having their nail polish sale where you can buy 2 polishes and get 1 for FREE!! There will be select essie, OPI, OPI Infinite Shine, Vinylux and Color Club shades to choose from- and if you don’t have a store near by ALL orders ship for free online (no minimum purchase required)! Visit Trade Secrets and @tradesecretsca for more information.

How will you be painting your nails this Valentine’s Day? Are there any other looks you’d like to see? Let me know!

♡ Lauren

Hi loves! I’m baaack and this time I have the essie Spring 2017 collection to share with you all! I’m going to just jump right in as I was planning on having this post up a few days ago but WordPress was giving me a hard time… Plus I’m sure you’ve already seen some of the swatches pop up on the web.

SPOILER ALERT: Every single shade in this collection has the same AH-MAZING formula: super pigmented smooth creme!! My ABSOLUTE favourite and they were really such a joy to swatch – opaque with 2 thin coats ,even though you could get away with 1 ;).

Before we start swatching I’ll let you guys read the PR excerpt to get a better feel about this collection:

essie SPRING 2017 swatches:

‘B’AHA moment’ an enlightening pink pomegranate

‘backseat besties’ a delicate pink plumeria

‘all the wave’ a sapphire indigo

‘on the roadie’ a vibrant kelly green

‘designated DJ’ a plum sangria creme

‘excuse me, sur’ a sun-kissed coral mango

So what so we think – do we love them?! Personally I’m obsesed (ya I know what else is new) and I can’t wait for you guys to try!! What are some of your favourite shades? Currently, I’m dying over the kelly green.

The essie Spring 2017 collection will be available in beauty salons and retailers worldwide starting February 21, 2017 for $9.99. If you haven’t already, check out the swatches of their Ballet Nudes Gel Couture Collection and new TREAT, LOVE & COLOR care line! For more information on all things essie feel free to visit

♡ Lauren