Hi lovies! Today I have the essie fall 2016 collection to share with you! Truth be told, I have had this post ready for a while but have just been super busy – so sorry for the wait! I did post a sneak peek on Instagram a few weeks back and if you’ve seen it then you know that this collection is absolutely GORGEOUS!! But that should be obvious, I mean this is essie we’re talking about. 😉 Like all other essie collections, except resort, this collection consists of 6 shades; ‘playing koi’, ‘maki me happy’, ‘kimono-over’, ‘now and zen’, ‘udon know me’, and ‘go go geisha’.

fall 2016
Of course I had to swatch this collection with a real kimono straight from Japan as the background.

Before we get started I’ll let you guys read the press release. If you didn’t already know, this collection was inspired by one of Rebecca Minkoff‘s trips to Japan.




essie Fall 2016 swatches:


‘playing koi’ flirtacious orange rust – okay I know not all of you are orange fans… but come on!! look how gorgeous this one is. I looooove it! 2 coats shown here.


‘maki me happy’ crimson-wrapped berry – for some reason I had trouble with the formula on this one, three thin coats and it was still a little streaky. More of a jelly formula I guess.


‘kimono-over’ inviting damson plum – LOVE. SO GOOD. Like, seriously obsessed with this shade. Formula is amazing too.


‘now and zen’ timeless sage grey – can’t go wrong with a sage grey for fall. 2 easy coats.


‘udon know me’ mysterious stony blue – no complaints with this one, two easy coats. The shade is a bit bright for fall (personally) but it’s perfect to wear right now as a transition colour!


‘go go geisha’ antique blossom pink – great formula, almost opaque with one coat. My camera didn’t quite capture the grey-lilac tones in this one but she’s sooo pretty in real life. 🙂

You already know that fall collections are my all-time favourite. I love the shade range and that essie included a rusty orange this year! What are your favourites? Will you be picking up this collection?

My picks? ‘playing koi’, ‘go go geisha’ and ‘kimono-over’.

essie Fall 2016 is available now in drug and beauty destinations across Canada. Don’t forget to check out essie Canada and @essiecanada for more information and to stay up to date on the latest launches.

♡ Lauren

*PR press sample kindly provided for my un-biased consideration.*