Backstage at NYFW SS’17 with essie

Hi my loves! I am so excited to finally share with you my AMAZING backstage experience with essie during the SS’17 Fashion Week in New York. I am so incredibly thankful (I mean, literally still pinching myself) to have been able to join such an amazing team behind the scenes and hope that you all enjoyed coming along with me on Snapchat – I can’t wait for you to drool over all the gorgeous looks! So. Much. Nail. Inspo.

If you’ve read my previous post or have been following me along on Instagram + Snapchat then you’ll already know that I had the honour of creating my very own essie shade during my trip, experience backstage and attend two shows (Michael Costello and Self-Portrait), attend the Maybelline Fashion Week party AND meet essie’s Global Color Ambassador, Rebecca Minkoff! #LIFEGOALS anyone!?

I’ll start by sharing with you all of the essie looks that walked down the runway during NYFW; Michael Costello, Self-Portrait, Rebecca Minkoff, Band of Outsiders, Alexander Wang, Jenny Packham, Altuzarra, Oscar de la Renta, Rag & Bone and last but not least Monique L’Huillier.

Let’s get to  it, shall we?




“Drawing inspiration from a Spring 2017 runway collection influenced by the relationship between the light and dark side of femininity, Michael Costello showed stunning gold and açaí fabrics that were the spotlight of the runway.  Rita Remark, celebrity manicurist and global lead educator for essie was the show lead, creating a gorgeous design that drew on the hybrid of darkness and light.  Taking a cue from the collection colors, Rita chose a deep essie ‘sole mate’ and metallic ‘good as gold’ to luxuriously illustrate this contrast.”essie press release

This is one out of the two shows that I was lucky enough to be backstage at! I know this is going to sound shocking as I live and breathe all things essie but I had never met Rita Remark before this trip! I’m sure you’ve seen me recreate her looks many, many times – she is such an inspiration to me so it was so amazing to be able to finally meet her! The ‘good as gold’ and ‘sole mate’ gradient that she created for Michael Costello was simply breathtaking – the models makeup literally matched these nails perfectly. You can see my recreation below:


SELF-PORTRAIT // Rita Remark


“Designer Han Chong launched his self-portrait brand in 2013. Within a year you couldn’t scroll through Instagram without seeing a celebrity or ‘it girl’ wearing one of his designs.  This season was his debut NYFW show and a first-time sponsorship for essie.  Show lead and global lead educator Rita Remark created an ‘au natural’ nail with ‘matte about you’ top coat to intertwine the collection’s bright pops of color and textured fabrics.  The neutral matte proved the an almost bare look does not have to be boring.”essie press release

Self-Portrait was the second show that I was backstage at (you may have caught me on essie’s snapchat looking a hot mess for this one) there was no AC backstage and the space super crowded! The actual show was absolutely stunning and so much fun!! Rita used ‘au natural’ and ‘matte about you’ for this chic nude look – ‘au natural’ gives a “strobing” effect to your nails much like the ultra popular “no-makeup makeup” look! You can see my recreation below:



REBECCA MINKOFF // Michelle Saunders



“Rebecca Minkoff once again shook up New York Fashion Week this season with a Soho street catwalk and 360 virtual reality showings at her flagship stores in NY, Chicago and Los Angeles.  As essie Global Color Designer, Minkoff chose two essie shades she helped to design from the latest Fall 2016 Collection – ‘maki me happy’ and ‘now and zen.’ Celebrity manicurist for essie, Michelle Saunders created this twist on a French manicure with a reversed accent nail.  The fashion and nail looks walked the runway on a number of models and global influencers like Something Navy’s Ariel Charnas,  Shea Marie and Caroline Vreeland.” essie press release

Side note: essie’s nail art ambassador, Harli, got to work on Michelle’s team for this show (get it girl!!!) and I’m so sad I missed them on this trip – hopefully next time!! Even though I wasn’t backstage for this show I just couldn’t help recreate the look!



“This season Band of Outsiders returned to New York Fashion Week Saturday with a trio of new designers.  Show lead and global lead educator Rita Remark for essie made sure to find a nail polish shade that flattered every skin tone. Opting for a ‘limo-scene’ with ‘gel.setter’ topcoat manicure that would pop against the California prep-school uniform inspired collection.”essie press release

ALEXANDER WANG // Michelle Saunders


“In front of a star-studded font row, Designer Alexander Wang was full of surprises this season.  One being the pops of bright neons in his collection. This was the perfect contrast to the essie matte nude nail. Celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders created a layered effect with ‘cocktails & coconuts’ and ‘au natural’ followed by ‘matte about you’ topcoat to give the look a sanded-down effect from days spent sunning at the beach.” essie press release

JENNY PACKHAM // Michelle Saunders



“Jenny Packham’s Spring 2017 collection was inspired by a 1940’s art exhibition from Peggy Guggenheim that was made up of 31 distinct looks, each of which had a different muse. Michelle Saunders for essie took this unique inspiration, and created a nail look using a neutral colour and soft texture that is both unique, but still wearable with just about anything. Michelle chose ‘tuck it in my tux’ layered with matte about you top coat as it mimicked the smooth, white fabric used in the collection.” essie press release

OSCAR DE LA RENTA // Michelle Saunders


“The Oscar de la Renta Spring 2017 collection was all about a modern mix of cool and elegance. Michelle Saunders for essie took that inspiration and wanted to keep the nails short, minimal and rounded. She chose the classic ‘mademoiselle’ with a high shine top coat for a fresh, young take. The perfectly neutral, shiny nail complemented the classic, modern looks that walked the runway.”essie press release

ALTUZARRA // Julie Kandalec

essie_fw_sep16_altuzarra_048 essie_fw_sep16_altuzarra_028 essie_fw_sep16_altuzarra_058

“Joseph Altuzarra aims to elevate the kitsch with his Spring 2017 collection, drawing on inspiration from a classic 90’s film. For the nail look, Julie Kandalec for essie took Altuzarra’s flirty direction and created a manicure with pink undertones for a sensual touch using one of essie’s famous nuances of pink, ‘hi maintenance.’” essie press release

RAG & BONE // Julie Kandalec

essie_fw_sep16_ragbone_340 essie_fw_sep16_ragbone_398

“rag & bone’s Spring 2017 collection was all about a girl with just a bit of an attitude. While the collection had a fresh and “real” feel to it, it also had a slight toughness – leading Julie Kandalac for essie to create a custom red manicure using ‘a-list’ and ‘really red’ to perfectly match the pops of red in the collection. She also interspersed a neutral nail and a black nail to change things up a bit on the runway, opting for ‘sand tropez’ and ‘licorice,’ on eight of the girls.”essie press release

MONIQUE L’HUILLIER // Julie Kandalec


“Monique Lhuillier’s spring/summer 2017 collection was full of edgy elegance. To complement this, Julie Kandalac for essie paired ‘wicked’ on the fingernails with classic sheer ‘ador-a-ball’ on the toes. “They’re feminine, fluid and timeless shades, and not too sugary sweet – just like the collection.””essie press release


#MNYFW Rooftop Party


Jackie Wyers and I at the Maybelline Fashion Week party! SO happy that I met her on this trip she is actually so sweet and it was fun to be able to share this amazing experience with someone! If you don’t already follow her channel you can check it out here! Most images I took at the party came out blurry but I did remember to snap a lot, so chances are you’ve already seen how great it was – we got to meet all the Maybelline girls and preview new products! 🙂

essie Labs Visit


Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take many pictures at the labs (totally understandable). This was so much fun and something I will surely remember for the rest of my life! I got to chat all things essie, from sneak peeks (peep the winter collection below!), hearing Rita’s backstage tips and of course creating my very own essie shade (you can read my in depth post about ‘lauren’s list’ here). I am truly so overwhelmed by all of your support and kind comments about my very own shade and am over the moon that you all love it as much as me! I really wish I could give every single one of you a bottle (maybe in the future, essie??)! 😉


essie Winter 2016 left to right: ‘ready to boa’, ‘go with the flowy’, ‘oh behave!’, ‘getting groovy’, ‘party on the platform’ and ‘satin sister’

Rebecca Minkoff


I also got to meet Rebecca Minkoff and watch her show in virtual reality at her Soho boutique, it was such a cool experience! She is literally stunning and SO sweet!


I know that you guys have been wanting me to share more about my life and have asked me when/if I am starting a Youtube channel – I agree experiences like these would be amazing to share through video (along with nail tutorials, new collections, etc) so please let me know in the comments below if this is still something you’d like to see in the future and if so what kind of videos. 🙂

Finally, a million hugs, kisses and THANK YOU’s to essie for letting me tag along, meet so many incredible people and live out my dream(s)!! And thank you all so much for following along with me while I was in NYC, I love all the positive feedback and I hope to be able to share many more #essieNYFW‘s with you in the future! I will probably, definitely be posting a lot more about my trip on Instagram but I’d really love to know your favourite look, so please let me know below in the comments!

♡ Lauren

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4 years ago

I’ve been waiting for this post to go up 👀 I love all of these and would love to see you having a YouTube page. Hope to see more fashion week posts. I like the ombré

4 years ago

I like the red nails for rag & bone. Please do video I love these kinds of posts and would be so nice to see video also of new collection and tutorials! You’re so lucky you were in NYC hope to see you at next fashion week too.

4 years ago

Life goals.

4 years ago

Omggggg so jealous!! <3

4 years ago

Love it! Love your shade love everything! Please collaborate more with Essie and yes to videos ❤️

4 years ago

Please make videos, I love yours posts on essie!

Jackie Wyers
Jackie Wyers
4 years ago

Love how you covered all the nail art!!! You’re blog is making me attempt nail art (though I’m not very good) haha. Love it!!! hopefully see you again soon! xo

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