Hi there! Today I have the new essie Wild Nudes collection to share with you all. 🙂

“Partial to neutral shades with a distinctive point of view? Look no further. The essie wild nudes collection is a modern take on a neutral palette for your nails, featuring rich creme colour shades with an edgy attitude. Pair them to perfection for style stripped down to the chic essentials. Become one with the outdoors with these nature inspired, perfectly neutral essie colours.

The palette of 8 shades covers all the bases- redefining nude for a new generation. With colours ranging from peach pink to light gray, cinnamon brown to dark purple, there’s a nude to suit every skin tone and frame of mind. Dress them up or dress them down, these versatile shades are instinctively easy to accessorize; the only thing you’ll never be able to do is tame the essie wild nudes.” – essie

“‘bare with me’. come take a walk on the wild side and embrace your inner nudist. as we dance in the moonlight and become one with nature, beyong this point it’s ‘clothing optional’. so let’s get cozy ‘without a stitch’ and play truth or dare. if the lead fits, wear it – or you’ll be full ‘mooning’. choose to dare and be ‘exposed’? time to ‘skinny dip’ and go on a ‘winning streak’ with my ‘wild nude’ shades.” – essie

‘winning streak’ a dark purple with a grayish tone

‘clothing optional’ a lighter sienna brown

‘exposed’ a mossy green with a slight white overcast

‘mooning’ a light shadowy blue with an undertone of black

‘without a stitch’ a clean light gray

‘wild nude’ a light tan with a wash of white

‘bare with me’ an apricot tone with gray cast

‘skinny dip’ a sheer light peach pink

Surprisingly, I really have no complaints about the formulas used in this collection! They’re all easy 2 coat cremes (minus ‘skinny dip’ which is sheer). I’m super curious to know what you all think of this collection? I LOVE a good neutral so all of these shades are right down my alley, and luckily all 8 shades will become part of the permanent essie collection! Will you be picking up any of the wild nudes?

The essie Wild Nudes 2017 collection will be available in beauty salons and retailers worldwide starting May 16, 2017 for $9.99 (you can already find them on certain online retailers!). For more information on all things essie, visit essie.ca.

♡ Lauren