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There is absolutely nothing better for your hair then all-natural homemade treatments! Hair Recipes is one of those lines that take a responsible approach to sulfate & paraben-free hair care. Their products are designed and targeted towards those who want a natural approach to beautiful, healthy hair with all of the benefits!

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Not only does Hair Recipes aim to enhance shine and brilliance for longer, lasting results, but their products are all natural with zero sulfates and parabens – perfect for those who don’t always have time to whip up their own homemade treatment. They offer gentle formulas that can easily be used with your current routine such as shampoos for dry hair, oily hair or chemically treated hair. Their infamous Egg Yolk Conditioner is packed with essential proteins and lecithin to help make your strands stronger, add volume and impeccable shine. Their paraben-free hair oils are made with modern technology to help you achieve the flawless style you need without leaving any greasy residue.


Even though I don’t usually opt for all-natural products, I wanted to see if the claims and benefits were true, and I also wanted to see if it would control my frizz, strengthen and hydrate my tresses. If Hair Recipes sounds like something that may interest you, keep reading to hear my thoughts:


Hair Recipes Beer Shampoo surprisingly has many incredible benefits. Did you know that the malt and hops found in beer are loaded with proteins that nourish and strengthen hair? It even helps repair damaged hair by binding together split strands and restoring body. I thought that beer would be drying as it contains alcohol, but the alcohol found in beer contains Vitamin B which is a key ingredient to obtaining healthy, shiny hair. It did an excellent job at cleansing and removing dirt, oil and product build up which left my scalp feeling super clean. It also gave my hair some much needed bounce and shine. It retails for $14.95 USD for 200ml.


Hair Recipes Egg Yolk Conditioner instantly detangled any knots and left my hair feeling silky smooth and so soft! Egg yolks are rich in natural sulfur content, which also helps with dandruff and maintaining a healthy scalp. It did an amazing job at strengthening and locking in moisture without weighing my hair down. I actually found that I only needed to use a small amount, compared to many other conditioners I’ve used, which is a huge plus for me. Once dry, I found my hair much more manageable with less fly-aways. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about using anything egg-related on my hair (would it make my hair smell like eggs, or leave a film-like residue?) but the proteins are so conditioning it was well worth it- thankfully the scent was very pleasing as well. 😉 It retails for $16.95 USD for 200ml.


Hair Recipes Argan Oil is great for extremely frizzy and unruly hair. It features an ultra-lightweight, instant absorbing formula that provides silky smooth, frizz-free tresses. When applied on damp hair it helps to detangle, enhance shine and can be used from roots to tips. It retails for $18.95 USD for 60ml. A little goes a long way with this miracle oil, and I’m loving how it can be used to moisturize and nourish dry hair as well.

I really felt a huge difference from using these all-natural products on my hair, and felt at ease knowing exactly what I was using on my scalp/hair. It is so important to use real, quality products as you never know when a reaction could occur (plus, who knows how many chemicals other companies are loading in their products these days).

Hair Recipes products are available exclusively online at, feel free to check out some more of their products and use the code LAURENSLIST16 at checkout to receive a free bottle of shampoo!

♡ Lauren
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